Abilene, Texas custom new home construction from a trusted home builder - Clift Construction. Abilene, TX real estate has never been easier.

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New home construction in Abilene, Texas is what Clift Construction specializes in. Contact our construction office and we can start planning to build your new home today. Clift Construction is a fully licensed and bonded business offering construction and remodeling services, pool construction, roofing and general contracting.

A new home is more than just bricks and mortar. It's an essential part of who you are. At Clift Construction, we create the most exciting new homes imaginable, set them in vibrant neighborhoods and invite our customers to invest their dreams in them.

The Clift Construction team will be guiding you through this important time and monitoring the completion of each step involved in order to maintain the structure of this procedure and ensure that your experience in your new home purchase is unforgettable.

Clift Construction can help you with a Abilene, Texas mortgage that is right for you too.

Green design and construction is available. If you are concerned about our Earth and wish to build with the latest green home construction, we can help. Contact Clift construction about green ideas.

Right now we are building new quality and energy efficient houses in Abilene, Texas and The Big Country. For many years we’ve built beautiful and unique houses across Texas. We take our vast construction experience into every project. Clift Construction builds for longevity because we understand houses are lived in, not just looked at. With that in mind we take the time to do quality work while ensuring the job is done in a timely manner. We believe a house is the outward expression of the owner’s particular personality. We take the time to consult with each of our clients so all of their unique needs are met. We’re constantly striving to create distinct, eclectic, and charming floor designs. Check out some of our current projects on this website. Let us know if anything interests you. Now is a great time to buy a house from a home builder you can trust. Contact us soon to learn more about your future home.
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